Steel Reheating Furnaces

Furnace is a very important element in many production processes. Only the best components are good enough to make them work smoothly. "LRL" is specialized in the design and the assembly of refractory's of all reheating furnaces. Because of the extreme high temperatures in these kinds of furnaces, there are high standards concerning the covers.

"LRL" is a leading provider of superior quality refractory materials and services to the reheating furnaces and relevant thermal equipments. The company is dealing with the establishment of reheating furnaces over 30 years and that had brought the company become one of the major materials and services provider to the reheating furnace sector in the market. With the superior materials and end notch technology incorporated, the furnace provides excellent quality and productivity for the process.

Features of LRL refractory lined reheating furnaces

Outstanding efficiency
Maximum reliability
Excellent temperature uniformity
Low product variability