We have a team of experienced and well trained workmanship for all kind of refractory works. Our services include
Refractory Repair and Installation
Refractory Material Sales
Mechanical Repair
Design and Construction

We confidently and reliably undertake any refractory jobs with assurance of maximum customer satisfaction.

Our service rendered for wide range of industries.

Cement Steel
Garment Ceramic
Hospital Hotel
Gem Rice
Tea Food and beverages
Coconut Crematorium

Why should you select "LRL"?

Possesses experience and design expertise to supply and install any of the refractories applied in every type of Industrial application.

Immediate delivery of the services, expert material recommendations and high quality installations at competitive prices.

Capacity to cast and heat cure custom refractory requirements and all types of refractory special shapes

Possesses the materials, equipment and design capabilities to meet our customers' needs.

Possesses expertise workmanship for refractory inspection, removal and installation.

Capability to provide a quality and cost effective refractories design and installation services.